Frequently Asked Questions

What is PHP Trainee?

PHP Trainee is a site dedicated to teaching people PHP. It features basic tutorials suited for people who have little experience with PHP.

What CMS platform did you use to make PHP Trainee?

None. This site is custom coded PHP and MySQL; no Wordpress, Joomla or Drupal. This code structure behind this site adheres to the MVC development pattern.

What is PHP?

PHP stands for Personal Home Page. PHP was first created by Rasmus Lerdorf in 1995 to display dynamic content. It is the code that interacts with the web server and databases. It is exceptionally powerful and secure because everything happens on the servers, which supposedly, nobody but you should have access to. When you post anything to a message forum or blog, PHP inserts your data into a database and displays it for you. When you login to any site, PHP interacts with the database to check your username and password. Almost every site in existance uses PHP, from Yahoo to Google to Facebook.

What do I need for PHP?

In order to code PHP, there are a few requirements. You need internet and a computer, which you obviously have, and you need a server. PHP is server-side code which means it requires a server to function. Most, if not all, paid website hosting servers include PHP functionality.

What if I do not have a PHP server?

If you do not have a PHP server, you can use XAMPP to locally view your PHP. It's a free program and it has its own help and support so I won't go into detail how to use it.

How advanced are your tutorials?

I start with very basic tutorials. I will begin from scratch and teach everything you need to know. I will eventually build more advanced tutorials. I do assume you know basic HTML, as I will rarely stop to explain the HTML code.

Can you please teach this in your next tutorial?

I'm currently not taking any requests.

You have incorrect information in your tutorial.

If you don't fall, you never learn how to get back up. I'm not perfect and sometimes I make mistakes. If I'm saying something wrong, please feel free to correct me. Just leave a comment under the tutorial.

I want to create the next Facebook!

Patience, young grasshopper.